Board of Directors

Alexander Tolstoukhov
Director A, Sadovaya Group S.A. (Luxembourg).

Long track record in managing industrial sector companies, including mining (coal mines, rock and sand quarries), construction, transportation and trading firms. Held management positions at Alchevsk Steel and Agrostroy in the 1990s before founding one of the Sadovaya Group subsidiaries in 1995. Graduated from the S.M. Kirov Leningrad Higher Military School in 1988.




Sergey Stetsurin
Director A, Sadovaya Group S.A. (Luxembourg).

Mr. Stetsurin joined the Group and became a co-owner of the Group in 2004. Between 1992 and 2007, he was a head of several private machine-building and coal sector companies, managing development and trading activities. Since 1985 to 1992 he held top management positions in the department of the Ministry of Coal of Ukraine. Mr. Stetsurin began his career as a mechanical engineer in 1979, received his engineering degree in 1978.