Sadovaya Group operates as a system of technologically related companies ensuring business processes continuity in the overall chain from production to sales of coal products.

  • Group operates two mine complexes with full production cycle and project output capabilities of over 1 million tons per year in one of the largest coal basin in the former Soviet Union – Donbass. 2P reserves of the Group under JORC code comprise 51 million tons of coal, according to the geological report prepared by IMC-Montan Consulting Group
  • Construction of Modular Enrichment complex Vahrushevsky was finished in Vahrushevo city Lugansk region in September 2012. The Enrichment Complex with feed capacity of 900 thousand tons per annum is the first out of four enrichment complexes to be built in cooperation with EBRD and is designed to produce coal form waste dumps
  • The company increases coal output, develops new longwalls, modernizes existing facilities