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Ukrainian Coal Market
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Sadovaya Group is a rapidly growing resources company with operations focused on coal mining activities, including coal extraction, recovery, enrichment, and trading. Key production assets are located in the coal-rich Donbas basin in Eastern Ukraine, between Luhansk and Donetsk, two of the country’s top industrial centers. Facilities are located near rail links and are directly connected to a large rail station in Debaltsevo, which allows the company to conveniently transport coal inside Ukraine and affords it easy access to seaports to export coal to European and Asian markets.

Coal Extraction

Sadovaya Group primarily mines energy coal, which is used mainly in thermal electricity generation. The company also produces sorted coal used in the metallurgical, chemical, ferroalloy, glass, and other industries. 

The company’s two mine complexes – Sadovaya and Rassvet  – use mechanised full-cycle turnaround mining technology and hold large coal reserves. The company is also in the process of acquiring two new mining fields – Raskoshniy and Krasnoluchskaya Severnaya – that hold significant additional coal deposits.

Sadovaya Group primarily mines grade A and T anthracite coal.

Processing and enrichment of coal and coal wastes

Extracted coal is further processed at Sadovaya Group's processing and enrichment facilities, where coal is treated to improve its quality characteristics and is sorted by the type/size of the end product. Both self-mined coal and coal acquired from other mines are used for processing and enrichment.

Sadovaya Group also owns 16 waste dumps and tailings ponds which consist of coal residue from past extraction and processing works. The coal wastes have high coal content that allows the company to produce coal at low cost.

Coal Trading

After being processed and enriched, the coal is ready to be supplied to end consumers. Sales are currently conducted mainly on the local market, with small export volumes.

To obtain additional information about the quality and technical parameters of our coal products, please contact our coal enrichment department at
[email protected]


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