3 Feb, 2011
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Appointments at the mines of Sadovaya Group S.A.

A new director, Vladimir Denisov, was appointed at the mine Rassvet-1 on the 5th of January, 2011. Mr. Denisov has years of experience in the coal industry – Vladimir Ivanovych began his career in 1976 and held various executive positions from the overmaster to the director of coal companies association in such state companies as Voroshilovgradugol, Arktikugol, Krasnodonugol, Luganskugol, Antracyt. For the 20 years of Ukrainian independence only 2 new mines were put into operation and Mr. Denisov completed construction and commissioned one of them – Samsonovskaya Zapadnaya mine. Vladimir Ivanovich was awarded with “Miner’s Glory” honour mark of the 3rd degree.

Personnel changes have also occurred at Sadovaya mine – Igor Kovalev was appointed director of the mine. Mr. Kovalev joined the company in 2003 and occupied chief engineer position at Sadovaya mine. Igor Myhailovych has more than 30 years of experience in coal industry and passed the way up from an ordinary mine worker to the director of Novopavlovskaya mine. For the highest quality of his work, Mr. Kovalev was awarded with “Miner’s Glory” honour marks of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree.

The key tasks for new directors will be the execution of the declared plans in coal production and mines development plans, as well as new technologies implementation and improvement of mines efficiency.

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