Since 2001 Shahta Sadovaya LLC was in talks with the State Property Fund of Ukraine to lease state-run assets that were either in the process of liquidation or had already been liquidated.

In 2002 following a successfully signed lease agreement on state property the new mine Shahta Sadovaya was organised on the base of one of the enterprises of Almaznaya mine complex.

In 2003 the Property complex of Shahta Sadovaya was privatized Shahta Sadovaya became completely private.

Since 2003 simultaneously with underground coal mining the Company developed new activities associated with the extraction of coal from coal mining wastes and coal reprocessing wastes (in general – wastes). Coal extraction from wastes is carried out on the basis of Product company Interdon (Private company Interdon – prior to the reorganization in 2011), which was organized in 1997 and had sufficient experience in the coal market by that time.

In 2003 PC Interdon LLC purchased its’ first waste heap in the city of Vahrushevo, Lugansk region.